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About us

S.C. “MOLDEXPRESPOSTA” was founded in 2006.

Our mission – acting as a private postal operator of the Postal Administration of the Republic of Moldova, to fully satisfy the needs of population, enterprises and organizations in qualitative and affordable express mail services, parcels and international transport-cargo, to implement advanced techniques of postal logistics on local and international parcel markets.
Our motto – fast, safe and affordable!

Our primary goals:

  • to keep the leading position on the express postal services market in the Republic of Moldova;
  • to achieve high quality level of the provided services and effectiveness in company’s administration;
  • to apply and promote new express postal services in accordance with tempolabile necessities and expectations of consumers;
  • to increase the express mail services sales volume, preserve the application of commercial principles;
  • to retain skillful personnel and ensure the growth of employees’ well-being.

Means to achieve the goals:

  • to master new technologies, implement advanced methods of express mail item and parcels tracking;
  • to rationally combine the legal framework, economic analysis and marketing research;
  • to continuously raise the competence and qualification level of employees;
  • to carry out official duties in a professional and operative manner, to be personally liable for labor quality;
  • to increase interested motives, provide social guarantees to the association’s staff.

S.C. “MOLDEXPRESPOSTA” (MEP) leadership accounts for provisioning the necessary resources in order to ensure effective implementation of target politics and make each employee of MEP aware of this and it calls the company’s staff to join efforts in attaining good results.

Today S.C. “MOLDEXPRESPOSTA” represents:

  • dynamic development of express mail items and parcels market;
  • guarantee of non-disclosure and delivery of express letters and parcels;
  • the lowest tariffs for providing express postal services and parcels throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
  • express mail items and parcels forwarding to any country worldwide.

We offer you our products and services, specially elaborated express delivery routes according to “door-to-door” principle. Our courier will gladly attend you in the office or at your home. All you have to do is give us a call or submit your demand by e-mail. All products and services are intended for private persons, as well as for enterprises (organizations).

A wide range of tariffs systems, allowing to choose the optimal delivery time and pricing. Flexible operating schedule – we receive orders for the current day within the range of Chisinau till 6 p.m., mail is dispatched and delivered on weekends and holidays as well.

A great variety of additional services: insurance of valuable express mail items, branded packaging, delivery notification and many others.

We offer tourist and associated services.

We welcome all potential clients, as well as postal operators and express mail operators in order to set up a fruitful cooperation.

We are deeply grateful to our customers and to all those who rendered their support and assistance in setting on foot a brand-new private postal operator S.C. “MOLDEXPRESPOSTA”.

Recent news

"Fast! Advantageous! Reliable! To any corner of the world! We overflow our clients with joy!"

We are waiting for you: Chisinau, 7 Miron Costin Street, office 200 (right wing), phone: 438-455.

ANY KIND OF DELIVERY FAST AND QUALITATIVE: just give us a call at 438-455 or submit the order by e-mail:,
Gifts, goods, flowers, postcards directly to your door, right in time and cheap!

The official site of MOLDEXPRESPOSTA was launched on July 1st 2006.
Here you ca find various interesting information regarding parcels forwarding via MOLDEXPRESPOSTA.

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