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K: Nowadays, does anyone need the Post at all? Isn't it easier just to give a call or communicate online? We've already got a national postal operator; do you see the need for another postal service, even if it's a private one?

MEP: The electronic communication, in all its super-modern forms - telefax, Internet, email, online payment of bills - impairs the core of postal service activities, therefore a lot of people shared the opinion that the Post was doomed to disappear soon. Nonetheless, this didn't happen, moreover it seems that it won't happen, neither in the near future nor on long-term outlook. Generations, technologies, ideologies have changed, but the postal service, conceived from time immemorial, still continues to develop incessantly and accommodate itself to the demands of the modern times. "There is nothing more constant than changes!". This statement of a contemporary writer inaugurated the Universal Postal Union session consecrated to strategy determination of international mail sector development. Clients' needs in regards to the quality of the provided postal services are only going higher and higher each day, and the foundation of our commercial postal operator "MOLDEXPRESPOSTA" back in May 2006 represented a reasonable feedback to the present state of affairs in order to establish a healthy competitive background within the postal sphere from the Republic of Moldova. All in all, it is the client who finally makes his choice. The postal operator that will be able to keep up with the demand at very favorable rates and professional customer service will eventually gain a strong commercial position in this market. The Postal Administration of the Republic of Moldova approved our status as the first private postal operator in our country and brought its decision to the attention of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union in September 2006.

Our company is continually cooperating with I.S. "Posta Moldovei", and the mutually beneficial contract for postal services provision, signed between our 2 companies in August this year, stands as a vivid result of this partnership. Furthermore, in order to achieve better coordination in the field of postal services and join efforts in the process of elaborating national informational system for quality standards monitoring, we were the first to come with the proposal to create the Association of postal operators of the Republic of Moldova and became its founders. We are planning to register this public organization in the near future.

At the present time, we are a fast developing company in the field of express delivery, which is alert on the changes in demand on the market and working environment and can swiftly react. Thus we are able to provide the best quality of mail services to our clients.

We are planning the grand opening of our brand-new post office, designated by the national postal index MD-2099. I take this opportunity to invite all persons wishing to join us and take part in this event. Further information as to the date and hour of this opening will be displayed on our website

: Do you apply the same tariff rates for the services you provide as DHL, TNT?

MEP: Our tariff rates are considerably lower than what the above-mentioned companies offer, nonetheless we totally meet the highest standards as to the quality of the postal services. We offer very attractive discounts for expanded mail volume.
We keep improving the postal logistics level; all our mail items are shipped via air freight only. Namely for this purpose we signed several long-term contracts with leading air companies in mail forwarding, such as "AIR MOLDOVA", "AUSTRIAN AIRLINES", "TAROM", "TURKISH AIRLINES".
It is no secret that all express delivery companies operating on the territory of the Republic of Moldova use for air mail forwarding the same flights of the well-known air companies, therein the only way to reduce the delivery time is by quickly processing and dispatching the express mail in Chisinau and its efficient handling by the respective partner in the country of destination. And we are glad to say that we solve these operational issues successfully.
We were created to comply with clients' demands and provide them only qualitative postal services. The client is solely required to fill in an application. Each of our parcels is assigned a unique number that allows us to keep constant track on it during transit, locate it and make delivery within the established time-frame. By sender's request, we can even arrange sending him an email with the photo recording the moment of handing over the parcel to its addressee.
We give our clients a firm guarantee of the security of their mail items. And all these services are rendered at affordable prices.
Of course we don't say - "We can do anything". We just restrict ourselves to what we are specialized in and we do it better than others.

: Do you face any problems at all due to the lack of professionals in postal communication field?

MEP: We don't have a hard time in finding qualified employees. On the contrary, we've set up very high criteria for providing employment.
First of all, we require the candidates to possess professional knowledge, communication culture and ability to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Our thoroughly selected staff of highly qualified postal workers gives us the possibility to execute very tough tasks in the most optimal time possible and under extremely favorable conditions for our clients. Secondly, the chief professionals should mandatory have specialized secondary or higher education in communication service, the youth study in colleges or universities.
It is impossible to fulfill the existent tasks in regards to establishing fair competition environment within the postal sector from the Republic of Moldova without having a team of like-minded people. A real postman is not just an ordinary worker, processing a certain flow of correspondence and parcels in return for an amount of money; he is a person who honestly and kind-heartedly serves to the Post and to his client.

We are waiting for you. You'll be convinced that a mail item is a small part of your soul, which you share with your friends and family. Our motto is:

"Fast! Advantageous! Reliable! To any corner of the world!
We overflow our clients with joy!"

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"Fast! Advantageous! Reliable! To any corner of the world! We overflow our clients with joy!"

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